Safety Audits & Reviews

Like every other business, you will already be subject to performance monitoring and audit in one form or another, whether it is for financial, quality, production, environmental or contracting purposes. As you will know, this process is important in answering questions such as;

  • Do systems continue to be appropriate to the company’s activities?
  • Are current systems as efficient and effective as they ought to be?
  • Are there any indications of failure or non-conformance?
  • Is the company on target to achieve its own stated aims and objectives?
  • Is the company complying with its legal obligations?

Managing health and safety is a core function in any business structure. If it is neglected, then it can have a serious adverse impact on performance, finances and reputation. It follows, therefore, that audit and review is also an essential component of your safety management arrangements.

No matter what sort of business you are in, all control systems deteriorate over time or become obsolete due to changes in technology, working practices and personnel. If carried out properly, an audit will provide you with critical feedback on how effective your plans are and how well you are managing your risk control systems and workplace precautions. As a result, you will be better informed when it comes to making decisions with regard to developing and maintaining your capability to avoid or manage risks and to ensure that your arrangements remain valid and effective.

If you are unsure of the extent to which you are complying with health and safety legislation, would like to know if the standards you have set are suitable and sufficient, or if you are missing out on vital feedback or are simply in need of a little help in developing a meaningful safety improvement plan, then we are here to assist and support you.

Our audit process begins with an initial review meeting to discuss your needs and expectations. We will explain how the audit works, what we will be looking for and how we intend to obtain that information. On completion of the audit, we will prepare and submit a detailed report that presents an overall picture of how you are currently managing health and safety in your workplace.

The report will highlight what we believe are your strengths and weaknesses and include details of where you need to focus your attention. It will also contain a clear and prioritised plan of action to help you maximise your time and other valuable resources in making any necessary improvements.

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The former director of a construction company has received a suspended prison sentence after failing to comply with Prohibition Notices and for carrying out unsafe work at height during roofing work on a new build house.....

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Since appointing Ambeck Associates as our advisors both our health and safety systems and our management of those systems have improved considerably.
– Nigel Kilgallon, Director & Legal Counsel, Blackpool Pleasure Beach Ltd

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