Safety Health Check

How well do you think you are managing health and safety? Are you actually aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your safety management arrangements? We can help you to work out whether or not your business could be heading for trouble and where difficulties might be encountered.

A safety health check is a quick and simple method of evaluating your safety management system, testing strengths, probing for weaknesses and identifying any actions required to move you forward. It should be noted, however, that the safety health check is not a substitute for a comprehensive audit and so its conclusion should be used as an indicator only. Nevertheless, it is a good starting point in understanding the basic principles of managing workplace safety; and in developing a simple strategy to begin minimising risks to health and safety.

Upon completion of the safety health check, you will receive a written report highlighting the various findings. These will include comments on good practices, suggestions for improvements and a prioritised action plan.

In The News

Company director sentenced for safety failingsFebruary 2020

The former director of a construction company has received a suspended prison sentence after failing to comply with Prohibition Notices and for carrying out unsafe work at height during roofing work on a new build house.....

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Since appointing Ambeck Associates as our advisors both our health and safety systems and our management of those systems have improved considerably.
– Nigel Kilgallon, Director & Legal Counsel, Blackpool Pleasure Beach Ltd

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