Safety Policies, Procedures & Instructions

As an employer, you are required by section 2(3) of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 to prepare and maintain a written statement of your general policy with respect to the health and safety of your employees. You must set out the organisation and arrangements that you have in place for carrying out that policy and for bringing the statement, along with any subsequent revisions, to the attention of all concerned.

If you employ fewer than 5 employees, then you are not legally obliged to have a statement of your general policy on health and safety in writing. However, in the event of an incident, you might find it difficult to prove that you do communicate health and safety matters and you could still be asked by your clients / customers or prospective clients / customers to produce one in order for you to demonstrate that you are satisfactorily managing health and safety and that you qualify for inclusion in their approved suppliers lists.

A good policy statement is an essential component of any safety management system. It should clearly state the organisation’s ongoing commitment to health and safety, identify key roles and responsibilities of everybody in the company and detail the various arrangements and systems for putting the policy into actual day-to-day working practices.

Subject to the type of organisation you own or manage and the extent of risk involved, your policy may need to be supplemented by more detailed arrangements, such as manuals, booklets, written procedures, written instructions and signs or notices.

Ambeck Associates Ltd has extensive and practical experience in designing, implementing and maintaining effective health and safety policies. Following an initial visit to establish the structure of your organisation, the working activities that take place and the control measures that you have implemented, we can create and supply to you bespoke policies and associated documentation that meet your health and safety needs and align with and support your business strategies.

We will present the documents in a user-friendly format to enable you to effectively communicate your safety arrangements to ALL employees and key stakeholders.

We will help you with;

  • Identifying the need for any policies
  • Preparing and implementing policies
  • Designing and delivering training with a view to achieving the aims and objectives of your policies
  • Monitoring and auditing employee compliance
  • Reviewing existing policies, procedures and guidance
  • Maintaining your policies and procedures and keeping them up to date in line with any changes in legislation and working practices
  • Preparing your documentation for any tendering process

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Since appointing Ambeck Associates as our advisors both our health and safety systems and our management of those systems have improved considerably.
– Nigel Kilgallon, Director & Legal Counsel, Blackpool Pleasure Beach Ltd

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